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My Story

Dr. Lynda Price is a retired Associate Professor Emeritus of Education at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  Her research and teaching interests for the past 35 years have focused on transition planning and adolescents and adults with learning disabilities and dyslexia.  She has co-authored over 65 articles, professional papers, and book chapters on these subjects, while presenting about these topics to various audiences in the United States, Canada, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and England.


Dr. Price has received over 1.5 million dollars in research funds and is a Fulbright Scholar with two separate awards.  She now lives near the beach on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband and two dogs.  Her current hobby is creating Mardi Gras masks that she donates to various civic organizations and nursing homes. She is also writing The Competency Circle, a curriculum   specifically designed for adolescents and adults with learning disabilities and dyslexia, which is the basis for this podcast.

photo of Lynda Price, the little old lady professor


Step out of the shadows.  Go out and live your life with: style, grace and kindness

- Dr. Lynda Price

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